Kinzi + Nolan // Sarona, WI

So I've known Kinzi since college and we stayed in touch when she moved to Minneapolis. One night I was out to eat at Brasa and our waiter was this dapper fellow with a handlebar moustache that I recognized as the same guy I saw the night before pedaling his pedicab down the Nicollet Avenue. I thought to myself "not only is this man handsome, but he obviously loves his bikes. Know who else loves bikes and handsome men? Kinzi."

Little did I know they had met each other a few days before this.

I knew things were serious when Kinzi told me she wanted to bring Nolan as a date to my wedding. When I had my bachelor party at Brasa, Nolan was our waiter. Since I hadn't actually met him yet, I walked up to him and said "Hey, I'm Josh. You're coming to my wedding tomorrow."

Kinzi and Nolan's wedding was a little different that what most people would expect. They had a cocktail hour and dinner before the ceremony so all the guests could get to know one another before the really important stuff happened. They're also the only couple that's wanted a group shot of everyone who came to their wedding. A brilliant idea that needs to catch on if you ask me.

Kinzi and Nolan got married at the lovely Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary in Sarona, Wisconsin.