Meagan + Dave // Norskedalen, WI

Dave was the guy in college that everyone got along with. I knew him in a peripheral sense, but he was more a friend of a friend. A few years after I graduated, I came back for a visit, and I met Meagan - barely - at a backyard social gathering. Again, friend of a friend of a friend.

Years later, I got to see more of Dave. First it was on a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters, and then it was as a fellow groomsman in our friend Peter's wedding. During the wedding, he told us all about this girl back home, someone he was really into. You could see it in the way he talked about her that this thing was going places.

A year or so later they asked me if I would photograph their wedding. 

Meagan and Dave got married at Norskedalen, buried deep in the coulees of southern Wisconsin on one of those summer days where it threatens rain all day. In fact it did rain - during their first look of all possible times - but their patience paid off when the sun broke through just as their ceremony started.

I'm so thrilled that being part of such a huge day for them has turned these friends of friends into just simply friends.